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First Charter


The purpose of this site - to help the newly made skipper to go on his first charter. Which country to choose for the first charter, how to choose a yacht charter company, how to plan your route - the answers to these and other questions can be found on this website.

The basis of this site is a map, where you can see the selected route, find nearby objects (waypoints). This can be a city, marina, restaurants, anchorages, etc. These points are added gradually by hand, so not all objects you can find here. To check the route and more accurate planning please use other sources, such as paper charts and pilot books.

Developing not finished yet. 
Live preview: http://first-charter.nata.cv.ua/

What I did

  • create idea of site, sheme for storing data
  • find information about charter, waypoints, routes and write some new texts
  • develop some plugins for CMS with using PHP
  • create code for read geodata and show interactive map (used leaflet.js with different plugins)
  • organization of trip for friends where I was as captain! (I have skipper and VHF radio operator servificates)

Used software

Adobe Photoshop, GetSimple CMS, JavaScript (leaflet.js, jQuery, fotorama.js)


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