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Programming Tutorial


This manual is intended for the organization of workshops and education courses for teachers of computer science. The book covers the technology development of creative projects, namely, programs that combine game genres "quest" and "I'm looking for." As an example, the theme of the expedition in the footsteps of James Cook, and most of the practical work is somehow connected with this topic. As a development environment choseт Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express.

Language of book: Russian.
Year of publication: 2014
Content and details: http://gamebook.sfera.org.ua/2014/05/james-cook-vb-uchebnoe-posobie.html

What I did

  • invented a methodology of teaching;
  • prepared the text of theory and practical exercises;
  • made design and layout of book;
  • a few of video lessons;
  • organized a seminar for teachers. 

Used software

Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia Studio.


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